PROCESS : Construction and Scheduling

The design is finished, the budget is set, and the product selections
have been made and ordered. We are ready to begin construction.

Rest assured, we understand that your home is our work site. While we are working there we treat it as our own, putting up dust barriers, laying down floor protection, and daily cleaning the work site.

A job that runs smoothly begins with good communication. At the pre-construction conference you meet with our project manager and are given a detailed project schedule. You know what activity is going on when and who will be in your home. We introduce you to our subcontractors before they start work in your home. These professional members of the community are licensed, have workers' compensation and liability insurance. Our meetings with you continue throughout the entire job to keep you current with the building progress and to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

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Budget Planning

Clarification to Design

Product Selection

Construction Scheduling


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