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“I'm always cautious to make recommendations due to it reflecting on me and my company if, heaven forbid, things don't go well. However, on two separate occasions, with existing clients, the connection seemed as though it would work well so I took the leap. In both instances my clients were thrilled with Waylan and his company and raved about what a great job they did and how sincere and conscientious they were in their dealings. I would recommend Waylan without reservation.”

Phil Slocum, Owner, The Slocum Agency, Inc./Slocum Realty recommended Waylan to his clients


“I have known Waylan since 1996 when he renovated a house I bought in Barrington. We were not living in the house and needed someone we could trust and Waylan was up to our standards. We hired Waylan a few years later to design and rebuild our kitchen. There was no need to hire a kitchen designer because the combination of Waylan's training as an architect, an artist, and his experience as a carpenter and general contractor gave us better results than we could have expected. Finally we had Waylan renovate 4 full bathrooms. Again, with designer results. Above all, Waylan is an honorable man, which is not common in his industry.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Lawrence Mielnicki hired Waylan as a General Contractor in 1996, and hired Waylan more than once.


“Waylan did a superb job re-doing our master bathroom. He and his subcontractors were on time, on task, and very professional. All details were taken care of immediately. There were no budget overruns. A small problem that occurred months after completion (small leak in shower door) was fixed at no extra charge. Cleanup was perfect. I would certainly recommend Waylan for additional projects, whether new or remodeling.”
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Sarah Denby hired Waylan as a General Contractor in 2008



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