PROCESS : Clarification to Design

Our designs, tailored to fit your lifestyle, are created around you and your family, your activities, and the things that are important to you. They are tailored to fit your lifestyle. By getting to know one another, through clear communication, collaboration and time, we are able to create a design that fits your lifestyle, aesthetic and budget.

1. Initial phone conversation - During a 10 to 20 minute conversation we learn about your project and the investment you wish to make in your home. We give you an overview of our process, answer any questions you may have, and make an appointment to visit your home or project site.

2. Our first visit - While at your home we have an in-depth discussion of what you want to accomplish, our design and lifestyle needs, and what you wish for in the space—all of those great extras. As we are able to create designs for any investment price we need to know what you want to invest in the project. We further discuss with you or work process. If we decide to work together, we enter into a …..

3. Preconstruction agreement - At this stage a preliminary plan and budget are generated. We now work together to hone the design to fit your needs and budget, accomplished through your design and product selection choices. It is a matter of balancing the design and budget in relationship to your aesthetics, wants,
needs and wishes. Once finalized, your decisions form the basis for the….

4. Final design and fixed price contract - We now have a design for your project that you are comfortable with which reflects your aesthetic and lifestyle. This process took time but now we are able to smoothly move forward into the construction phase knowing exactly what your project will cost.

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